Greg Scott

Managing Director at Scotts Tubes

November 25, 2018, Greg was a client of Damon’s

I connected with Damon earlier this year on behalf of my brother, Glenn Scott, a motorcycle athlete. Damon has been a tremendous help in tutoring both myself and Glenn through partnership deals with our current and new sponsors. He also played an integral role in creating Glenn’s new sponsorship proposal for our 2019 racing campaign. I highly recommend Damon for any aspiring athletes who need assistance with their personal brand and promotion. 

Greg Scott - CEO of Scott’s Tubes Pty Ltd

Matt Jones

Disrupting Broadcast & Telco industries

November 30, 2018, Matt was a client of Damon’s

It's a rare to find a sponsorship sales guy or gal that spends 90% of his time on your business, your objectives and your outcomes and 10% on the opportunity. But that's Damon's MO. Damon brought great creative ideas to his talent proposals, and when we did a deal he was there to make it work it's socks off. I consider Damon not just a great business partner but a good friend. 


Matt Jones - CEO of OVO Mobile

Matt Mingay

Professional Action Sports Athlete & Entertainer. Director/Owner at Stuntz Inc Pty Ltd

November 22, 2018, Matt was a client of Damon’s

Since 2013 Damon and his business Signature Series Group has managed the commercial growth for Stuntzinc and my personal brand. Damon has been great to have as part of my team as he always makes himself available if I have a question, idea or concern. I don't understand necessarily all the elements that go into closing our commercial partners but I do know they all have a good rapport with him and his team well after the sponsorship agreement is signed so he must be doing something right. Damon was instrumental in negoatiating the iconic partnership we have with Mattel and Hot Wheels amongst others. I personally vouch for his work ethic, knowledge, integrity and highly reccommend anyone looking for commercial sponsorship related services have a chat with him.

David Scoones

People, Brand, Strategy, Business Builder, Energiser, Leader

November 22, 2018, Damon was a client of David’s

Damon is an open and honest business leader who always puts value at the heart of what he does. Damon is a true industry leader and continues to invest in himself and his business to ensure he is always offering his clients the ultimate solution. Damon is a very approachable and has a fantastic ability to find solutions. He and his business are built on a foundation of authentic vales where he is dedicated to his industry and clients success. Working with Damon has been an absolute pleasure and I highly recommend working with him if you are ready to go to that next level, it's a great journey to be part of.

John Spokes

Guiding people and organisations to meet their goals.

December 7, 2015, John was a client of Damon’s

Damon is an exceptional agent and promoter with a detailed understanding of the corporate needs of sponsors, the flexibility to accommodate and the intellect to see the opportunity. Damon equally is a strong advocate of his people and their strengths. I have no hesitation in supporting a recommendation for Damon and his group.

Judith Trezise

Manager Staff Learning and Development at Northern Territory Government

December 29, 2010, Judith worked with Damon but at different companies

Damon has extensive knowledge of the Motorsport and Racing Industry. Damon has always been a great communicator and is always a pleasure to work with. We have worked with Damon on many successful sponsorship and design projects. We gladly recommend Damon from Signature Series for your sponsorship, marketing and management requirements.

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