Yes, I would like to have a  professional sponsorship document.

I’ve spent the last 20 years as a sponsorship consultant and broker helping hundreds of motorsport athletes, clubs and events achieve their sponsorship goals and now I’m sharing my winning formula with you so you can really get your proposals noticed.

  • Are you ready to find sponsorship partners who will be with you for the long haul?

  • Do you want to stand out among the 100’s of other athletes that are competing for the same sponsorship $? 

Fact: The global sponsorship industry has doubled in value over the last 10 years and those that understand best practice sponsorship are cashing in on great sponsorship deals!

If you want to get sponsored you need to understand best practice sponsorship. Companies and Brands want to know what you can do for them. Would you like me to create you a professional sponsorship overview document?

Team Navy was our brainchild, With the Australian Navy we created the first and only Australian Defence Force sponsorship program. 

Since I started in motorsport and sponsorship over 20 years ago I've worked with 1000's of athletes, clubs and teams to help and guide them in creating winning sponsorship proposals and sponsorship strategies. I want to share a few important things you need to always keep in mind if you want to stand out to a potential sponsor.


  • Understanding the complete scope of your brand value, what specific characteristics do you and your opportunity have. 

  • Who, what brands does your opportunity appeal too and why? This is called doing your target market analysis.  

  • You need to change your mindset and start thinking like a potential sponsor thinks, what are all the things that are going to be important to them to achieve their objectives? To do this you are going to need to know where they are in their 'Brand Life Cycle'

  • Ask intelligent questions about their business when you're talking to them. This is called the 'Intelligence Gathering' and it will more often than not provide you with the road map required to create a tailored sponsorship proposal that is focused on their objectives and solving their pain points. 

As I said earlier, over the years we’ve written 1000’s of proposals and learned so much along the way about what works and what doesn’t, and that's the experience and knowledge you will get access to if you decide to work with me. If you would like me to help you then first you will need to help yourself and send me your details so I can get in touch with you.

Yes, I'm ready to invest in my sponsorship success.

Who am I? @IAMDAMONHILL and so is he

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Create your own Professional Sponsorship Overview Document with this easy to follow online sponsorship template and tutorial  

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