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Australia's #1 Action Sports entertainer Matt Mingay wanted to increase his social media platform adding additional sponsor value as well as have SSG bring a new naming rights commercial partner into the team for the following year.


Back in 2012 he was looking to re invent the brand look and feel of his Stuntzinc team and asked if we would like to help. Hell Yes! was my response, what a great opportunity to have some fun in the unique space of the stunt industry. Two words my friends HOT WHEELS and we secured them!! You only have to take a look on Matts social media pages to see immediately how much this sponsor and sponsee are truely a match made in heaven. The best thing about great sponsorships is they actually become easy, everyone knows the objectives and understands their roles in achieving them. Matt and the team at Mattel Hot Wheels just knock it out of the park at every event. To steal a Hot Wheels hashtag, they #makeitepic  




In 2016 Australia's Queen Of Speed Rachelle Splatt decided to make her come back to professional motorsport and engaged us to help with finding corporate partners for her Top Fuel Drag Racing team 'Rachelle Splatt Racing'.


We successfully negotiated a deal with OVO mobile as the naming rights partner for her come back race. The partnership is ongoing and Rachelle is an ambassador for OVO featuring in both print and digital media as well as a spokes person for the company.

OVO came to SSG looking for a better understanding on what types of sponsorship and specifically what sponsorship assets would best deliver their marketing and commercial objectives. We provided OVO mobile with a complete top down analysis of a multitude of sponsorship opportunities based on their business objectives. This involved a detailed analysis of their key objectives and then the creation of a matrix that would weight sponsorship opportunities against them. The outcome was we provided OVO a clear baseline for the potential sponsorship 'Yield' returns that were specific to their objectives. The information and analysis have helped OVO choose and sign sponsorship deals with a far greater confidence and understanding of the return on investment they can expect.


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