It’s a simple concept yet one that many organizations fail to recognize. A sponsorship agreement put simply, gives your organization the privilege to connect with people through something they have already decided they care about, whether it’s a sporting team, athlete or event.


It's important we take the time to understand;


  • Who are the fans and why do they care?

  • Where are they? Are you reaching the fans at the event as well as those who weren't there?

  • How can you make the brand experience the best it can be for the fans?

Our team of activation specialists can help turn your commercial vision into reality, by working with you to create and roll-out, unique, engaging and successful brand activation campaigns.

Far too often brands are ‘sold the dream’ from sponsorship asset holders, told how an association with their asset will solve all of their problems. In reality, the sponsor needs to dedicate time and resources to help ‘activate’ the association, which means leveraging the sponsorship investment to engage directly with their target market.

That’s where our team of activation specialists comes in! Unlike most agencies, we provide an end to end solution, from boardroom conceptualization to at event roll-out, management, and review.


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